Business Transformation Framework

Proven Business Transformation Framework

Oosterwal Consultancy works with BTF or the “Business Transformation Framework”, a best practice based methodical approach for a controlled Business transformation.

It is a practical method that helps to design, develop, plan and manage organizational changes. After all, making a good and supported change plan is the first step of a successful change.

Different aspects of business transformation management

At the BTF, coherence and cooperation are essential. The method compels the relationship between environment, strategy and change portfolio as well as between the four different aspects of business operations:

  1. Customers & services,
  2. Processen & organisation.
  3. Information & applications and
  4. ICT-infrastructure & facilities

That is very complex and often politically charged. Our approach, however, makes this manageable by structuring it in a coherent and step-by-step manner.

Coherence can only be achieved through good cooperation between all layers of the organization and between the various departments and officials. The framework is therefore aimed at making change tangible and concrete, so that all stakeholders can be involved and contribute to it.

The BTF has an Agile approach and the development and design go hand in hand. No surprises for the business and always all stakeholders at the table.

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The Business Transformation Framework is an approach for structured and planned change. It helps to translate the business strategy into an executable transformation portfolio.