the best digital customer experience

Companies that offer the best digital customer experience

While for large brands today it is essential to offer their customers a good digital experience, only limited progress is made in practice. This is evident from new research among 150 large companies. A leading group of 30 companies show how to do it – they manage to provide their customers with an excellent digital customer experience.

For the third year in a row Dicitas Consulting in the ‘Digital Dominance Benchmark’ chart how major brands perform in the field of digital business. The researchers looked at more than 50 performance indicators divided over five aspects: website, social channels, online video, SEO (search engine optimization) and apps. Some examples of indicators are the average number of pages viewed on the website, the growth achieved on social channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, search engine components such as meta-descriptions and broken links and the use and valuation of apps.

On the basis of the scores achieved, the researchers have compiled the so-called ‘Digital Dominance Index’ (DDI), a ranking that distinguishes between the companies that perform best in the field of digital and the companies where there is still much room for improvement. The scores are expressed in percentages, with the global average – which is set at 50% – serving as a reference point.

An analysis of all results shows that companies in the retail, banking and telecom sectors offer the best digital customer experience across the board. Retail scores from these three sectors – just like last year – the very best with a score of 60%, closely followed by banking with 59%, so that the telecom branch logically ranks third. However, among the three front-runners in telecom, the most progress has been made in the past year, which means that the sector is now just behind the other two categories, at 58%.

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