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We love to support companies with digital transformation, innovation and development of organization, technology and customer interaction. Specifically realizing customer centricity via digital transformation and omni channel solutions.

We are collaborative experts with proven ability to change & grow businesses with digital transformation, like;

  • E-commerce implementations & re-platforming
  • Salesforce implementations
  • Digital transformation, make the organization 2.0 ready
  • Al with a human and pragmatic approach
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From Woocommerce, Magento to Salesforce Commerce Cloud both B2C and B2B we can help you

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Bridge the verticals and really start focussing and servicing your customers

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The process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and CX; to meet changing business & market requirements.


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[service_box icon=”icon-presentation” title=”Business Transformatie Framework”]Oosterwal Consultancy works with BTF or the “Business Transformation Framework”, a best practice based methodical approach for a controlled Business transformation.[/service_box][service_box icon=”icon-wallet” title=”Small investments Big results”]Let Oosterwal Consultancy help you, really making the needed change! Ask for a quote and our approach.[/service_box][service_box icon=”icon-global” title=”Start small”]MVP is our middle name, the proof is in the eating[/service_box]
PIM 72%
Development 75%
Marketing 83%
Salesforce 93%
Woocommerce 66%

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[timeline icon=”icon-layers” number_step=”1″ title=”Customers & services,”]At the Business Transformation Framework, coherence and cooperation are essential. It is a practical method that helps to design, develop, plan and manage organizational changes. After all, making a good and supported change plan is the first step of a successful change.[/timeline][timeline icon=”icon-tools” image_icon=”4325″ number_step=”2″ title=”Processen & organisation.”]

  • The BTF is an excellent tool for organizational improvement
  • From strategy to complete change plan s

[/timeline][timeline icon=”icon-chat” number_step=”3″ title=”Information & applications”]

  • Distinguishing the four aspects of business management makes complexity manageable
  • A good planning process lays the foundation for a successful organizational change
  • A good change plan is the steering tool in realizing the change portfolio

[/timeline][timeline icon=”icon-tools” number_step=”4″ title=”ICT-infrastructure & facilities”]Coherence can only be achieved through good cooperation between all layers of the organization and between the various departments and officials. The framework is therefore aimed at making change tangible and concrete, so that all stakeholders can be involved and contribute to it.

The BTF has an Agile approach and the development and design go hand in hand. No surprises for the business and always all stakeholders at the table.[/timeline]

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The Digital Evolution;
Disrupting and elevating the relationship between brand and consumer

Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services.

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