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Successful Digital Transformation starts with Oosterwal

About Oosterwal Consultancy

We love to support companies with digital transformation, innovation and development of organization, technology, and customer interaction. Specifically realizing customer centricity via digital transformation and omni channel solutions. In our Business Transformation practice, we support companies in times of large transformations. We determine the direction of the company at critical moments, such as mergers and integrations, due diligence, and large-scale transformations.

We help C-level executives identify new business opportunities, redefine existing and new business models, revise go-to-market value propositions, designing an operational turn-around plan, and develop and implement new organizational models.

We are collaborative experts with proven ability to change & grow businesses with digital transformation, like;

  • E-commerce implementations & re-platforming
  • Shopify Plus & Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementations
  • Digital transformation, make your organization 2.0 ready
  • Oosterwal Consultancy with a human and pragmatic approach

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Digital Business Transformations?

The primary objective of business transformations is to enhance overall performance.
by achieving increased revenue, reducing operating costs, and improving customer satisfaction and workforce productivity.

what we love to do

Flying start with Oosterwal Consultancy

We are a dedicated team of experts who thrive on assisting companies with their digital transformation journey. Our passion lies in helping businesses embrace modern technologies and strategies to drive growth and success. We not only define the strategy, we also implement the whole new solution and make sure all employees are hand on with the innovative solutions, with a new or updates LMS.

Whether you’re looking to establish a new e-commerce platform that integrates with marketplaces and implements a Product Information Management (PIM) system or seeking to optimize your workforce management with the powerful Quinyx solution, we have the expertise and experience to guide you through the process.


Digital business transformationAt Oosterwal Consultancy, we understand the challenges and complexities that come with digital transformation.
That’s why we provide comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs. From scoping and planning to implementation and change management, we work closely with your team to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Our track record includes successful omni-channel solutions, e-commerce platform launches, and workforce management transformations that have delivered tangible results for our clients. We combine strategic thinking, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of industry best practices to help you achieve your digital goals.

Implement new webstore, website, logistic solutions and webcare team under 5 months, realizing 200% growth in turnover….
New ecom platform, PIM and middleware including marketplaces(channelengine) and a Looker dashboard
Implement Work Froce Management – Quinyx, in 7 countries involving 3500 employees.
Transform to Shopify Plus including POS and implement channelengine for marketplaces in just 4 months.
Transformed PGZ International from a fax driven organization to a flexible and modern service providing  company
In 2006 I successfully ran the WinBack activities within Vodafone
Transformed Auto Trader from magazines to a (car) mobilization platform
One platform to support 400+ self-employed fashion business owners?
how we work

Business Transformation Framework

The Business Transformation Framework (BTF) emphasizes the importance of coherence and cooperation in driving successful organizational changes. Oosterwal Consultancy strongly advocates the use of this practical method, which assists in designing, developing, planning, and managing organizational transformations. A well-crafted and supported change plan serves as the crucial initial step towards achieving a successful change initiative.

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